What Really Defiles A Man: Food For Thought – Day 11

So I just moved in to my dorm at WIU and EVERYONE is really nice and friendly! I just wanted to share what the Lord spoke to me today from Matthew 15:11, when Jesus tells us that not what we eat is what makes us dirty, but what we speak. If we speak evil, that’s what defiles us. I believe the Lord gave me this verse today to reassure me and to help me realize that these next couple weeks I will be making a first impression on those around me so I HAVE to be conscious of what I say so that I may speak nothing but what the Lord would approve and want me to say! 

Let us pray that wherever we may be at or go, that we can speak nothing but good and be an example to others! Also PLEASE KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYERS BECAUSE COLLEGE IS A PLACE WHERE MANY GET LOST! I ALREADY SEE THE TEMPTATIONS THAT LIE BEFORE ME! 


Bearing Fruit: Food For Thought – Day 7

The Lord inspired me today to speak about growing and bearing His fruit! This is a very powerful passage because he lets us know a few important things. In John 15:1-8 God tells us that He is the true vine and that if we bear fruit, we will continue to bear MORE fruit and be even MORE fruitful!

Also God tells us in verse 4 that if we remain in Him, He will remain in us, and that alone is just so powerful and reassuring! It really leaves me in awe that Christ tells us basically “if you follow me and continue to pursue me and live like me, I will be with you wherever you are”. Honestly just having that reassurance is enough to keep me with Christ.

Another thing in verse 4 is how Christ tells us that we cannot do it by ourselves. We cannot do be fruitful and bear fruit alone through our own actions, deeds, thoughts, words, etc., unless we are in Christ!

In verse 5 Christ clarifies that his is our vine and we are the branches that feed off of him! Through Him, He’s letting us know that we can be rich fruits, however apart from him he tells us we can do nothing!

Let’s pray that Christ can really help us to bear His fruit and be humble, yet still seeking more of Him. Also let’s pray that God can truly help us see that we cannot do anything without him!

Allowing The Word to Work: Food For Thought – Daily Devotion – Day 6

Today the Lord inspired me to speak about the Word, the Holy Bible, the living scriptures! I hope that as we continue to grow in Christ, and as Christians, we need to allow the word to continually shape and change us for the better. We have to see some change in our lives, the way carry ourselves and the way we do things, speak words, and think about things! The more we read, the more we are encouraged to do the work of the Lord and really become more Christ-like. The more we read and allow it to shape us and mold us, the more we will be more and more thoroughly equipped to fight the good fight! See 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Also the next time someone asks you “How do you know the Bible is real?”, or “I don’t read the Bible because it was written by imperfect humans so it has to be faulty.”, you can answer to them with 2 Timothy 3:16 which tells us that all Scripture is GOD INSPIRED! So even though the Bible was written by imperfect humans, it was written through the Spirit of God, which is perfect!