What Really Defiles A Man: Food For Thought – Day 11

So I just moved in to my dorm at WIU and EVERYONE is really nice and friendly! I just wanted to share what the Lord spoke to me today from Matthew 15:11, when Jesus tells us that not what we eat is what makes us dirty, but what we speak. If we speak evil, that’s what defiles us. I believe the Lord gave me this verse today to reassure me and to help me realize that these next couple weeks I will be making a first impression on those around me so I HAVE to be conscious of what I say so that I may speak nothing but what the Lord would approve and want me to say! 

Let us pray that wherever we may be at or go, that we can speak nothing but good and be an example to others! Also PLEASE KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYERS BECAUSE COLLEGE IS A PLACE WHERE MANY GET LOST! I ALREADY SEE THE TEMPTATIONS THAT LIE BEFORE ME!