What’s Hidden Comes to Light

There’s something that I’ve been pondering the last few days that I think would be good to think about, meditate on, and apply in our lives.

In the Word of God, in Luke 8:17, it says this: “For nothing is concealed that won’t be revealed, and nothing hidden that won’t be made known and come to light.”

This seems pretty self explanatory and not very complicated. However, as I thought about it more, the more I realized that we don’t actually live it out. The fact of the matter, is that we are sinners saved by grace through faith in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. But despite that truth and our salvation, we still struggle with sin and with our sinful nature and depravity.

That being said, I thought about how often we do things; whether good or bad, whether for God or for others or for ourselves. But I also thought about how often we do these things, we either do them hidden or exposed. When we want to get credit, appreciation, rewarded, or any form of pleasure/compensation, we make sure people know what we did. But whenever we don’t want our friends, family, or other people to know, we keep it hidden and away from plain sight. In either scenario, this can either be good, but just as easily it can be bad.

I want us to understand that the Bible isn’t subjective in truth. It’s truth in and of itself. Because this is true, we need to realize that there are certain laws that apply in our human lives. Luke 8:17 is one of them. I can tell you, countless times, the Lord brought out my sins, my hidden deeds (good and bad) and made them known one way or another. Folks, let me just say that you and I are not sneaky. We might be able to fool each other and deceive our friends, family, and loved ones, but we can never fool God.

I urge us all to come to a place of self-awareness, self-analysis, and to self-examine the things that we do. Are we being honest and transparent with others? Or are we telling just enough truth to get by and/or manipulate them for our profit? Are we serving from the bottom of our heart? Or is there a secret motive behind our servant attitude? Are we living our lives as Christ did externally as well as internally? Or are we living our lives like Christ only on the outside and on the inside we are corrupt and rotten?

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