Coming Back

Today I felt the need to post a passage for people who may have strayed away. People think that straying away from the Lord means falling back into addictions and old sinful habits, when in reality we all stray away from the Lord with each day we don’t pray and spend time with Him and His word.

in Lamentations 5:21 it says: 

“Restore us, O Lord, and bring us back to you again! Give us back the joys we once had.”


With this passage in mind, I really want us to pray and ask God to draw us nearer to Him as He draws nearer to us. Let’s pray that we may not stray away and forget His goodness for us each day. Pray that you may have the joy that He offers and pray that you may be restored in Him.

God bless you today! Be strong and don’t worry about coming back to Him. Pick up your cross and stay faithful!

Thank you for reading todays post. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or just need someone to talk to, I am willing to listen. Email me at or call me or text me at 847 322 0518. Again, thanks and God bless!

Day 97


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