Filled With The Spirit

In Romans 8:6, we see that when our sinful nature controls our minds, there is death. There is suffering and misery, guilt and regret. If the Spirit controls and reigns in our lives, we have peace, love, life.

“6If your sinful nature controls your mind, there is death. But if the Holy Spirit controls your mind, there is life and peace.”

With this verse in mind, lets really do our best. Let’s strive to allow God and His holy presence to fill our lives, to give us peace, comfort and content, love for life and others. Let’s not allow our old selves, our evil natures and desires to rule. Let’s put away our ideas that we are better than people and let’s humble ourselves. Let’s put away the idea that we don’t like the way we look and let’s worship God and praise Him instead of focusing so much on ourselves, that we can move away from our old lustful desires we once had, that we can practice self control and turn off the computer or mobile device that is causing sin to control, that we can practice self control on our minds and emotions and not let them control us and what we do. Let’s work on our anger towards others, that we may forgive and forget easier, that we can be kind and helpful to those around us, that we can be the leaders and disciple makers Jesus calls us to be. All of this through Christ and His Holy Spirit. Let’s be filled with the Spirit and let Him rule in us.

Thank you for visiting today and may God strengthen you and help you in today itself. God bless you loved one and know Christ loves you more than anything.

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Day 79

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