It’s interesting how we can always be so worried about our fincial problems as Christians. It’s funny how we Christians with the only real God who answers and hears our cries can be so worried about money. Will He not provide for us? He who made us, the one who gave His life for us, don’t you think He loves you and I enough to provide us with what we need? In Hebrews 13:5 we see the Bible teaching us to stay away from loving money and to be satisfied with what we have because God told us that He will never fail or forsake us!

Let’s have faith dear brothers and sisters! I cannot tell you hoe many times the Lord has taken care of me without any problems or issues. He resolved my needs as He saw fit! He really is good and He will take care. Please pray for faith that you may be able to trust in Him when the time confess and that you will not worry about the financials.

God bless you and thank you very much for visiting the blog today! Have a great day!

Day 70


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