The Purpose of All Things

Recently, I’ve really been struggling to keep my emotions in check and under control. I constantly have been thinking about certain things that are normal for people to think about, but not okay constantly. I’ve really been confused as to why God won’t answer me in the ways that I ask and the way I expect. I have forgotten the beauty of Romans 8:28 and the fact that all things happen the way they do because God allows them to happen or not happen. He only makes us better people and stronger in the end through these experiences. It’s normal to have emotions and feelings about certain things, but don’t ever allow them to overrule you and prevent you from doing the full potential will God has planned for you. Do not let the devil rob you of your full potential joy!
Let’s pray to be patient on the Lords plans and that we may be able to understand that everything that happens to us will only make us better people and more mature! God bless you and thank you for visiting today!

Day 68


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