Be At Eye Level: Food For Thought – Daily Devotional Day 52

Recently, for the past few months I’ve been utterly disappointed and sad at the way “Christians” are acting towards those who aren’t exactly on the right path. God put this on my heart a while ago and I really just wanted to share this with you! In Romans 14 it talks all about judging and criticizing, but the focus is verse 10. “So why do you condemn another Christian? Why do you look down on another Christian? Remember, each of you will stand personally before the judgement seat of God.” 
I’m sick of the way some elders, some olders, and some youth stare and look at certain people who are lost and struggling with their lives. Instead of being nice and kind and welcoming and heart-warming, they constantly point out flaws and judge. What at all about doing this is correct? What is correct about ignoring someone because you might have stereotypes about people with tattoos, people who smoke, people who do drugs or drink, people who dress differently, people who look differently? Nothing. Nothing is right about this and we have to change!

Please, don’t look down on someone because they aren’t following Christ or because they might be stuck in sin and struggles. You were once struggling and lost as well. We need to be more loving towards others just as the father was in the parable of the lost son. Help someone the way Jesus would. Please be love and show Christ to them! Please take this into consideration and God bless you all!

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