Who Are You Pleasing?: Food For Thought – Daily Devotional Day 46

The Lord has inspired me today from Galatians 1:10 where Paul says “Obviously, I’m not trying to be a people pleaser. I am trying to please God. If I were trying to please people, I would not be Christ’s servant.” These words penetrated my heart. These words really made me analyze myself once again. These words made me want to share them with you all. I believe that most of us if not all of us kind of get caught up in trying to please people. We get caught up trying to do what so and so wanted us to do and we forget that at that point we have forgotten what our purpose here on earth is. Our purpose is to serve the Living Lord!

Let’s not get caught up in trying to do what the people want of us, rather let’s do what God wants of us. And sometimes doing what God wants us to do, is totally opposite of what people want us to do. Sometimes they might be the same. Either way, God’s will is the one that needs to prevail, and we need to please the LORD!

God bless you all and have a great day! 

Questions, comments, concerns, email me at jasondumitru@gmail.com or contact me on my cell at 847-322-0518.


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