Pick A Side Today: Food For Thought – Daily Devotional Day 45

Today I was very  moved by the 2013 Winterfest theme of discipleship! Check the gallery out, all three days should be online at credo.tv by the end of this week.

I’ve been studying this theme for a while and I want to share this NOW! Not tomorrow or next week, but now! I say it’s enough already! Jesus says it’s enough already!  Let’s stop being fake about our lives and our relationships with each other and Him. Let’s stop fabricating a love we don’t have. Let’s stop fabricating a relationship we want or don’t want. We all need to pick a side right now and today; we need choose to continue living in sin and tending to our animalistic desires and doing exactly what we think gives us happiness and joy, when really it just fills up that hole in our heart temporarily. OR we can choose the TRUTH, THE CROSS, AND JESUS! We can choose a life of eternal life and happiness! Let’s live our lives for Christ! Let’s pick up our cross DAILY as Matthew 10 illustrates!

It won’t always be easy and it wont always be fun, but it wasn’t easy or fun for JESUS CHRIST to DIE FOR YOU OR ME!!!!!!!!! We need to truly pick up our crosses. No other words do I have to explain what I’m feeling right now, but I choose the cross and I choose Jesus! God bless the pastors from Winterfest 2013! God Bless you brother TONY LANE, BEAUTIFUL MESSAGE TONIGHT!!!

Choose now, Christ or suffering. Your choice. Amen!

God bless you all!

Questions, comments, concerns, email me at jasondumitru@gmail.com or call me at 847-322-0518


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