Got Likes? : Food For Thought – Daily Devotional Day 43

In Proverbs 3:3-4 we are told to never let kindness and loyalty slip away from us and that we should wear them like a necklace around our hearts! In doing this the Bible tells us that we will find favor with God as well as people, and we will gain a good reputation. This passage is a very bold and powerful statement. The fact that the Lord wants us to be kind is something that most of us already know, but the fact that He tells us to be loyal, that’s different, at least for me it is. I’ve always tried to be kind and loyal, but I never realized that loyalty that God asks of us. I actually can say this has been pretty true for me because I have always tried to be loyal to my friends and loved ones and with loyalty, favor surely was found in the other persons eyes. The other great part about this passage is that we are told when we keep these two, not only do we find favor with God and others, but we will also have a good reputation. Now I don’t know how you feel about your reputation, because I don’t really care what people think of or call me. But the fact that we can have a good reputation, simply by allowing ourselves to be loyal and kind, is a pretty awesome thing.

If you have been struggling with getting people to like you or if you have really been a jerk or disloyal, let’s change that today. Let’s go and make peace with everyone. Let’s go and apologize and make things right. Let’s show our kindness to not only our friends and family, but also to those that make it hard for us to. Let’s be loyal to our friends and even those who can betray and lose our trust. These are very hard things to do, but with the help of Christ I know you and I can do them! God bless you! Know you are loved! ❤ 🙂

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