V-Day For Loners Like Me :) : Food For Thought – Daily Devotional Day 42

Hey guys, today I don’t really want to talk to those who are in a relationship really because today is an okay day for them. The only thing for couples I have to say today is that you need to treat your significant other with more love than you treat anyone else. Put her/him before you and make sure their needs come before yours! But today is valentines day and I still don’t have a girlfriend. 😦 But guess what! I don’t really mind because I know that God has a great girl out there for me that loves Him just as much as I do, and when the time is right for me, I will find her. So I hope that this devotional will help you not care so much about your relationship status as much.

Now I know it sucks being single because you never have anyone to cuddle with or smooch or whatever the movies make it out to be. It’s okay though! It really is. Being single means you have more time to focus on loving everyone else more than you would be able to if you were in a relationship. I’m glad that I’m single this valentines day because today I am trying to help others as much as I can, more than usual since today is a day of love. Valentine’s day is a day in which people are supposed to exchange gifts of affection, at least thats what the internet tells me. Although I believe that everyday should be valentines day, that everyday we should give others gifts and treat them as thought they are the most important people in our world, It’s really hard! But then again, the narrow path is narrow for a reason and good things a hard to do for a reason. But anyways going back to being single. A lot of people are single today and in pain and suffering because they don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend to spend it with. I think that those thoughts are from the evil one. I have those thoughts once in a while too. The devil always tries to get me with the fact that I’m single because he knows I desire a girlfriend. That’s why I want us to pray today and meditate on God especially us who are single more so! 🙂

Let’s focus on God today. Let’s ask ourselves “What can I do today to worship you father?”, “Who can I speak to about you today?”, “What can I do to glorify you today?” Let’s focus on serving God and others today. Let’s focus on loving God and others today. The passages that we should focus on today is first Song of Songs 3:5, where we are told not to rush love! Secondly 1 Corinthians 13 where we see how to love! Where we see what love is! 

God bless you all! I want you to know this everyday, but especially today that you are loved by God our father, many around you, and by myself as well. Have a loving V-DAY!!! ❤ 


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