Listening to God: Food For Thought – Daily Devotional Day 39

Today I want to share with you all something really subliminal from the Bible, that many would probably just sort of pass through without paying it any attention, as I have before. In Genesis 6:22 it says “So Noah did everything exactly as God had commanded him.”

This verse is very profound to us being followers, disciples, and listeners of Christ. We see earlier here in this chapter that the Lord commands Noah to build a boat a specific height, length, and width. He gave Noah specific instructions as to what to do and Noah listened.

We see later on in the following chapters, the result of this passage. We see the result and the blessings we receive when listening and obeying the Lord fully and exactly as He has commanded us. We see in chapter 7 and 8 that because Noah listened, his family survived the flood that killed everyone else in the world. We also see that because he listened to God he was able to help animals continue living as well. 

We need to listen to God when He tells us something, regardless of how others may think of us, regardless of what embarrassment we might face, regardless of the denial we may face. None of that even matters anyways. We are all going to die regardless of what we do here on earth, so we might as well do things that will further the Kingdom we will one day enter. Imagine how people around Noah were talking about him for so long, maybe even calling him crazy and that such a flood will never come. He might have seemed crazy to the rest of the population, but because he listened to God, he was blessed and really got closer to God.

Let’s pray that we can continue our process of change. Let’s pray that this change will bring about a new spirit of obedience so that we may do the will of God exactly as He wills for us to do.

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God bless you all! You are truly loved! Pick up your cross and live today for Christ!



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