Effective Prayer: Food For Thought – Day 38

Many times we find ourselves questioning God because of our prayers. Sometimes we will ask God for things and many times we won’t get a yes, so we just assume that God isn’t answering. Many times we don’t even have faith, we just mumble some jargon and expect God to act upon our requests and we have no faith. We have to understand that when we pray to God He will either say yes, no, or wait. We need to be okay when He says no or wait, after all He holds all life in His hands and He does what He wills. In Matthew 7:7-11, we see this illustration of those who are prayerful, constant, fervent, and faithful in prayer are answered. The Lord wants to bless us and help us, just like any parent would if their child asked for food. A parent wouldn’t feed the child rocks.

Let’s be constant in our prayers. Let’s realize when God is saying yes, no, or wait to us. Let’s be patient with His replies and His answers, because as I said before, there’s a reason He does everything the way He does.

God bless you all. If you would like to get in touch with me 847-322-0518 is my cell. jasondumitru@gmail.com is my email, jasondumitru is my skype. Have a great day!


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