Keeping This In Mind: Food For Thought – Daily Devotional Day 36

Today I read from chapter 12 from the book of Romans. This was a beautiful chapter that I will probably be analyzing for the next few days and applying for the rest of my days. Verses 1 & 2 today.

In verse 1 Paul asks us basically “is this too much to ask of you after what He has done for us?” We need to be living our lives the way that Christ wants us to live daily, not just on Sunday or church day. 

Secondly in verse 2 Paul tells us to not copy and imitate the behaviors and customs of this world. Now this passage refers to a lot of very contradicting matters that I will not cover now but I will eventually cover them. Anyways, Paul is saying that we need to not follow the world, but allow God to change us and mold us and make us a new person by changing our thought. When we do this, Paul tells us that we will know what God’s will is for our lives; not only that, but we will also know how good and pleasing and perfect His will really is! Why have fought so much against a God who loves us and only wants the best for our lives? Why do we continue to fight against Him and his grace by living in sin, by breaking our father’s heart, by abandoning Him with every poor decision? Don’t we want to see His will unraveling? Don’t we want to see the wonderful and miraculous and glorious results of His glory, right before our very eyes?

Let’s work on allowing God to work in our hearts and minds and lives. Let’s stop resisting His help and His will for us. Remember our bodies should be Christs. We shouldn’t be doing whatever we want to do, but rather let’s continue to find ourselves in prayer and Scripture reading so we can continue to be changed by Him who loved us so much, He sent His own son to suffer and die for us and our foolish ways. Let’s be transformed, and through our transformations and good decisions, let others see the glory of God in our lives, and bring people to Him.

Thank you all for your encouraging replies! I appreciate every message, good or bad. I hope you all understand this is not for show, rather because I love God my father and friend who is calling me to serve Him. Questions, comments, concerns? Send them to Need someone to talk to? Call me at 847-322-0518! God Bless you all and remember you are loved!


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