Unity With Others: Food For Thought – Daily Devotional Day 35

Today I read Philippians 2:1-3 (I know I covered 2-3 a while ago but it’s beautiful). This verse has really been an important part of my life these past few days. The Lord has shown me that I have to give certain things in order to make myself humble and to truly be invested and interested in the well being of others, even if it means giving up the things I hold dearest.

In verse 1 Paul tells us that if we belong to Christ, we should have comfort, fellowship in the Holy Spirit, and tenderness and sympathy in our hearts. This means so much! We have 3 things in simply one verse describing how our lives should look like while we are in Christ.

In verse 2, Paul tells us again 3 more important things. He says agree wholeheartedly with each other, love one another, and work together with one heart and one purpose! This means that we need to LOVE each other NO MATTER what happens. BE UNITED is what he’s getting across. Please let’s allow the Lord to work in our hearts in this aspect, so that we may be united and loving with our brothers and sisters in Christ. This verse is so beautiful and touching to me.

In verse 3 Paul tells us to NOT be selfish, to not do things to impress others, and to not only think about ourselves. In this passage Paul tells us we need to think of others as better than us. This sounds easy at first, but when it hits you, you’ll see what it means. In my life a few days ago I decided that although there was a beautiful thing in my life that I wanted really badly, I had a brother who I was hurting even though my intentions were positive and good for myself, I was hurting him. It took a little, but the Lord showed me that this was something I had to give up for the moment so that I could restore a relationship and be a loyal and true friend. None of you can quite understand what I did because I’m not going into details, but the point is that we always give up small things and little things that we don’t have to think twice about. But do we give up, even when it means the GREATEST DESIRE of our hearts? The Lord has humbled me, and is still humbling me. This is something that I wanted to cover again, even though I did a devotional on this passage a while ago.

Let’s allow Christ to move in our hearts and lives. Let’s allow Him to touch us and humble us, NO MATTER what, that we can reflect His love and humility in all our situations. Let’s be love, let’s endure one another, let’s show each other love especially when it’s not mutual! I pray for all of you to make this decision as well as myself to continue doing the things of these verses.

Questions, comments,  and concerns are welcome so please feel free to message me, text me, call me, whatever you want at 847 322 0518 or at jasondumitru@gmail.com

God Bless you brothers and sisters and know you are loved. AMEN!


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