Biblical Change: Food For Thought – Daily Devotional Day 34

Yesterday the Lord changed my life once again. He showed me the things I have to do and change again so that relationships can be restored and so His plan is the one that prevails in my life! A passage that relates to this situation and many like this, is 2 Timothy 2:16-17. This passage is powerful. It covers a few different subjects.

First it covers the fact that the Bible isn’t written simply by humans, but rather by God our father who inspired humans what to write. So when someone asks you how you know the Bible is true, you can refer to this passage.

The next thing this passage covers is the main point of today’s devotional. It says that the Bible is used to teach us the truth, make us realize whats wrong in our lives, straighten us out to do whats right, and prepare us in every way, to be fully equipped for every good thing our Father wants us to do. Both verses 16 and 17 cover these matters. 

I wanted to ask you guys if the Bible is changing you. If you are reading the Bible and your life is not changing, I have some bad news. You’re doing something something wrong and you are not allowing His spirit and His will to reign in your life.

Please take a moment to think about your Bible intake and your life around you. If you read on a regular basis, yet see no change, you need to make a change. This shouldn’t discourage you, rather encourage you. This should make you realize what you may be doing wrong and hopefully you are willing to make the necessary corrections for the Lord to change your life. Don’t take these words lightly. Please analyze yourselves as I continue analyzing myself. Let’s make the necessary corrections in our lives for God to control and reign in them!

Remember, if you need prayer or want to talk, I am available at 847-322-0518 or Praise the Lord and be blessed! AMEN!


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