Running To Christ: Food For Thought – Daily Devotional Day 32

Today I read a passage from Luke 19:1-7. In this passage we see a man named Zacchaeus who wanted to see who Jesus was. So this man knowing that Jesus Christ was passing through Jericho, he ran quickly up ahead to where the Lord would be passing and he climbed a tree to get a better view of Him since Zacchaeus’ stature was smaller than average. Then when Jesus came through finally, He went to the tree and asked Zacchaeus to come down. At this Zacchaeus was extremely joyful.

What a beautiful image this event paints for us. Many times we want to see Christ more, get to know Him more, be with Christ more, but we have certain things trying to prevent us. When this happens do we give up and hope that Christ will pass through the spot we are standing at, or do we chase after Him? Do we run to where Christ is? Do we run to church? Do we run to youth group? Do we run to prayer meetings? Do we run to Bible Studies? Do we run to independently study our Bibles? Do we run to individually spend time in prayer? Why aren’t we more like Zacchaeus? Why don’t we chase the Lord with all our hearts to know Him more and to see Him more?

The beautiful part about this passage is actually found in 7. Through this verse we see clearly that Zacchaeus was not a great guy. He was a sinner and a tax collector. The Lord didn’t care about this then, nor does he care about this now! If you want to know Christ more, run to Him and He will answer you personally and you will truly have joy!

Let’s be like Zacchaeus in a sense that we quickly run to Christ and His presence as verse 4 tells us he did. Let’s seek out the Lord with a passion daily and look for Him because He will not leave us unanswered!

God Bless you all! May your day be blessed!


3 thoughts on “Running To Christ: Food For Thought – Daily Devotional Day 32

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