Judging Others: Food For Thought – Day 30

Today the Lord showed me many things from the book of Romans, however chapter 2:1-4 really stuck out to me. In this passage, we can see Paul preaching to the Romans about their judgement on others. Why is it that we as Christians always find it in us to judge someone else? Why do we think we are so much better? Do we even realize that when we judge someone else, we are being the opposite of love (which is what Christ wants us to be, LOVE)? How are we being love to someone when we are judging them?

I’ve spoken to many people recently who have told me that the reason they didn’t want to go back to church because the people there talk badly about them and they don’t like being judged. Others have told me that they aren’t coming to church because the people in the church are hypocrites and they always say one thing about certain things, then go home and do things that are even worse than the person I would be talking to.

Aren’t you guys sick of this? Aren’t you sick of Christian being categorized into one box of “judgmental” and “hypocrites” and actually in many cases “judgmental hypocrites”? Why don’t we stand up and stop judging the brother who’s stuck in sin? Why don’t we be the ones to approach them before or after a service or whenever we see them, just to offer our friendship? We don’t always have to approach another person with intentions of cramming the Gospel down their throats; but as a matter of fact we need to first approach them as a brother/sister, and friend. After this, they will see a change, a different character in us, that hopefully will help them want to hear you out.

Let’s pray that we stop judging people. That we stop turning our backs to those who need us the most! That we can start to open up our minds, hearts, and arms to those who need it, and remove the stereotype that Christians are “judgmental hypocrites”. Let’s stand for the change in the world that the Lord wants and intends us to be!

God bless you brother/sister! You are loved! If you are in need of prayer requests, anonymous or not, or even to talk to someone for any reason, I will keep our conversations between us and the Lord as I have already with many these past few days! Email me at jasondumitru@gmail.com or call me at 847-322-0518.



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