Are You Truly Content?: Food For Thought – Daily Devotional Day 29

Today I read from the book of Philippians and the Lord spoke to me from verses 11-13 where Paul is basically saying to the Philippians that he has learned the secret to happiness! He knows that the secret to happiness is when you are able to be content in all situations and circumstances. He has been hungry and thirsty, but he also lived in plenty! He tells us in verse 13, that everything we can do through Christ who strengthens us!

Now the second question someone would be wondering at this point would be, well “How can you be content in every situation?” Well to be completely honest, there’s only one way. You can try to do this and that and this and that to be content in all your circumstances OR you can leave it all in Christ’s hand! Do you really think your creator will just forget you like that without food, water, shelter, clothes, just like that? If he takes care of the birds of the air who don’t gather up and store food, won’t He take care of you who has much greater value than an animal? In Matthew 6:33 Jesus says to us “Seek first God, and then these things will be added unto you”. This verse has come true and really been evident in my life where when I would give God the reigns from my wagon, He would take control and take me where He wanted and do what He wanted, and that was the key. Submission to the Lord. Seeking Him first before all your own ways! It’s not complicated to comprehend for the most part, however I know that it’s VERY difficult to practice total submission, but the Lord loves you and only wants the best for you so let Him work. Give Him the reigns to your life! Amen!

Praise the Lord and may God bless you all abundantly!

If you need prayer requests and/or want to talk about anything I am open to you and your personal and private matters will remain between us and God. Contact me at 847-322-0518 or by email at Again may the Lord bless you and may He truly help us find content DAILY!


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