More Jesus: Food For Thought – Daily Devotional Day 21

Today God inspired me from the book of John. In John 3:30, the Word of the Lord tells us “He must increase, but I must decrease.” I don’t know how this verse makes you feel, but right away I feel convicted. I knew as soon as I read this that I needed to share this with all my brothers and sisters in Christ! Again another wonderful reminder of what needs to happen in our lives as Christians and as followers of the truth!

Last night at the youth group over here in Macomb, Illinois, called Fuel, the campus pastor A.J. had such a beautiful illustration. He used his children’s paintings. One was all mixed up with all sorts of colors and shapes and EVERYTHING just everywhere. It was pretty much one drawing. The other was with a few colors, but they didn’t cross over or mix. You see sometimes our lives are like the second one. We always have sections in our lives, whether school, work, church, choir, who knows. The sad part, is that in the second one, Christ also has his own section, but not quite all of it. However we need to be like the first drawing allow Christ to be in every aspect of our lives. Let our life be a mix of all the colors in the world, as long as Jesus is involved and we give Him our lives, He will increase and truly be a part of our lives just like the first painting.

Let’s just take a step back and analyze our lives. How much of our lives right now is actually run by Christ? Let’s try to live our lives like the first painting, where in all of it, Christ is a part of everything so it pretty much looks like Christ! We can do this by increasing our Bible intake, spending more time on our knees and in prayer, helping others, but the best way, the best possible way for Christ to reign in our lives is to TRULY and WHOLEHEARTEDLY SURRENDER! Aren’t our lives supposed to mirror Christ’s? Let’s pray for Christ to increase in every aspect of our lives!


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