Qualities For Leaders (ALL CHRISTIANS): Food For Thought – Daily Devotional Day 18

Christ really inspired me today from the entire book of Titus. In this book  He revealed to me to share that we as Christians, as leaders of the world for Christ, have to posses certain qualities, that reflect Him, that truly show others that we are founded in Christ. This book is SO CRUCIAL to our walk with Christ! We see in Titus how apostle Paul addresses Titus, a young pastor, how to appoint leaders who posses quality spiritual characters. This book basically teaches us that the elders of the church aren’t the only ones who NEED to excel spiritually, but that men, women, young men, and young women need to as well! Many will argue that this book is only for church leaders, well that isn’t true, because we all have to apply the scriptures to our lives as much as possible. We as Christians are being called to be leaders and lights, so as long as that is true, we will apply the teachings of the book of Titus! This book truly teaches us so many things that I will be addressing throughout the next few days! For now read the entire book of Titus and be prepared for amazingness! God BLESS!


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