Drift Prevention: Food For Though – Daily Devotional Day 15

Today the Word of God that was put on my heart was Hebrew 2:1 which says in the NKJV “Therefore we must give the more earnest heed to the things which we have heard, lest we drift away.” At first you may not think much of this passage, but this too is a very important passage to us as followers of Christ and DOERS of the Word, not just HEARERS!

According to verse 1 we need to heed (give careful attention) to the scriptures and what we hear! If we hear what the Bible teaches us on multiple subjects, yet we don’t pay attention and give reverence to these teachings, then guess what, according to my Bible, we will drift away until one day we’ll wake up and realize…”uh oh, how did I get here?!?!?”.

Let’s come before God and ask him to keep us steadfast in His word and teachings. Let’s encourage each other daily and pick each other up when we see someone lacking, in other words let’s show love to each others as brothers and sisters and soldiers of the same battle! Let’s be able to be the ones who step up in our churches and schools to be the difference that we know needs to exist. Let’s put in practice (DO) what we learn, not just HEAR!


Also please continue to pray for me and the struggles I’m encountering here at WIU!!


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