LOVE: Food For Thought – Daily Devotional Day 14

The Lord inspired me today from the entire chapter from 1 Corinthians 13, but I will be speaking on 1-8 and 13 This entire passage really is profound in our lives as Christians and followers of Jesus Christ our Lord and Messiah!

Verses 1-3 teach us that if we do ANYTHING or EVERYTHING for others and the Lord, without LOVE, we have done it in vain, we have done it for no reason, it is meaningless! We should really try to do things because we truly want to see the glory of God further! We should do things simply because we truly have love, kindness, compassion, care for one another and each other!

In verse 4-8, I would have to say that these apply to relationships for the most part. Whether we are in a relationship with a significant other or a relationship with a friend or family member, we have to realize the qualities of love and its characteristics the Word of God teaches us. These are probably four of the most important verses we as humans need to understand!

Verse 13 makes it pretty clear to us that we should have faith, hope, and love, but of these three, love is the greatest! Just goes to show what importance love has in life!

Thank you for reading this God Bless you all! Continue to pray for me as I am here at WIU by the grace of God and I just want to continue to do his will! if you all have any prayer requests feel free to let me know and I will pray for you and even post a prayer request for you online, public or anonymous!



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